In a world whereby diseases have become prevalent across all ages, the society needs institutions that will provide medical solutions. Undoubtedly, Innovacare Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers today. The principle of maintaining quality guides the operations of this organization. It is through the employment of qualified medical staff that Innovacare has been in a position to grow as well as meet the needs of its clients. Its overall success has been as a result of the combination of several values such as transparency, teamwork, clear vision and effective communication.

This North-American company’s operations are divided into two areas which include Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The main programs provided by this institution include MMM and PMC. Both of these programs are designed to facilitate proper delivery of services to the clients. Having acknowledged the changing healthcare needs in the society, Innovacare has dwelt on being innovative. Innovacare develops sustainable healthcare products through the use of technology. It also makes them affordable, which is why it has created a wide customer base.

A clear proof to show that Innovacare is a success is that it was awarded the NCQA accreditation for both MMM and PMC programs. This accreditation is very hard to get, and an institution only gets it when it guarantees quality in its operations.

The success of Innovacare can be attributed to the capable leadership of Rick Shinto who is its current President. His prowess in leading this company towards tremendous growth can be attributed to the experience that he has gathered over the years. Rick Shinto has worked in several areas such as Aveta Inc. whereby he was awarded for being excellent in his work. He also worked as the Vice President of Medical Management after which he became the CMO of Cal Optima Health Plan. Rick Shinto also provided his skills in NAMM and Innova. Undoubtedly, such experiences have made him become an active leader at Innovacare.

The Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, has also contributed towards Innovacare’s success. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, she has a lot of knowledge about innovative clinical programs. She has served as the COO and the Vice President of clinical programs in Aveta Inc. Her participation in Medicare, Medicaid, Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice has also broadened her knowledge on the provision of quality healthcare.