Only one in four top-level executive positions across the globe are filled with women and men still holds the edge in the work that could be equally accomplished by women. This is what Susan McGalla has been advocating for years and she feels that many efforts in this direction have not yielded any positive results. She feels that one way this could be accomplished is to create sponsorship opportunities in the workplace where women would be recommended to lead challenging projects and would be responsible for important deliverables. The sponsors need to be an advocate of women while the positions are filled within the organization which would enable women workforce to be more visible in the upper management tiers. Another reason to overcome this problem is to eliminate gender bias in the workplace and have stricter HR policies regarding it.

She feels that every corporation and business, small and large shall adopt this methodology as numbers have clearly shown that diverse workplace is known to surpass corporations which are not diverse. While the executive sponsorship could enable women to move up the ladder in their careers, it would also enable the male workforce to work with strong headed businesswomen who are equally capable of delivering the tasks. There shall be mentorship in a workplace to promote gender equality where promotions shall only happen based on the aptitude and nothing else. Although it seems like a practical solution, only time would tell how productive of an idea this could be, if ever implemented.