Stansberry Research Publishes New Articles on Huge American Chinese Trade War


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One of the most talked about and discussed topics that Stansberry Research has been focused on lately has to do with the trade war that United States President Donald Trump started recently. In what seemed like a completely random move, The Donald suddenly announced through his media handlers that he would be placing a whopping $100 billion US dollar tariff on Chinese imports. With 35 percent of the tariffs being focused on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the tariffs largely seem to target Chinese industrial metal imports, an area where corresponding US industries are failing. Outside of metal imports, Donald Trump also placed tariffs on machinery, energy, and many other manufactured goods coming out of China. Experts are still wondering how China intends to help its industries that will inevitably be hit the hardest. Will they seek out new nations to do business with, or will they fold up completely? Protection plans are probably being drafted by the communist Chinese government as we speak.


China is not taking any of Donald Trump’s tariffs passively. Thus far they have already retaliated by slapping $50 billion US dollars of their own tariffs on a wide range of American made goods coming into their economy. Some economic ministers are even on record stating that the government is currently drafting an additional $50 billion US dollars in tariffs so that they can match Trump’s tariffs dollar for dollar. If experts are certain about one thing, it is that China is absolutely not backing down from Trump’s aggressive economic policies, and they have shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to send a lesson to Washington DC that such trade aggression will not go unpunished.