Today Hussain Sajwani is a giant in the real estate industry and one of the most revered businessmen in the world. Located in Dubai, his company, DAMAC, is responsible for a large portion of luxury property development in the area and continues to grow due to Sajwani’s keen business acumen and innovative marketing strategies. Although Hussein Sajwani is currently chairman of one of the most lucrative businesses in Dubai, his initial success came by rising to the forefront of a very different industry. In the 1980’s, Sajwani created a food company that specialized in catering. Sajwani came to prominence when he was awarded a series of profitable contracts that took his business to new heights, including supplying the US Military in the 1990’s. While he enjoyed immense success in the food industry, Sajwani soon realized that there was a cap on his growth potential and decided to pursue other interests. Real estate developer, DAMAC Properties, was founded by Sajwani in 2002 and saw fast success because of the open policies on property ownership in Dubai. Because foreigners are allowed to purchase property in Dubai, he was able to take advantage of the flourishing international market.

Recently Sajwani has been referenced publicly in regards to one of his major partnerships. DAMAC recently developed a luxury golf course with Donald Trump, called the Trump International Golf Club. This venture has accrued billions in sales and because of the profitable nature of their business relationship, questions have arisen regarding the possibility of a continued partnership with Trump, given his status as President of the United States. Sajwani alluded to the possibility of working with other members of the Trump family during future endeavors. Hussein Sajwani has risen to the highest ranks of the real estate development world and did so after a prosperous career in an entirely different industry. Despite Sajwani’s success, he shows no signs of slowing and DAMAC continues to grow.