If the dating app world was a game, Whitney Wolfe would certainly be in the lightning round. This is the chance that she has to get as many users as she can with the competitive advantage that she has created.

With the Bumble app she has created a platform where women are the ones that make the first move. This is new and innovative, and this fresh start to the dating app world has allowed her to gain millions of loyal users.

Whitney Wolfe is young and energetic, but this is still the lightning round. She has to maximize her potential and get as many users as she can because other entrepreneurs are bound to duplicate what she has done. Her level of success is so major that magazines like Forbes have placed her in the top 30 under 30. She has also been featured in other well-known publications like Time Magazine. All of these things are a depiction of just how popular she is.

Whitney Wolfe as CEO has shown many that there is a love for what she does. So many people that are trying to get rich with the app that they create will find themselves with a void after their apps become stagnant. This is the second dating app for Whitney Wolfe so it is obvious that she has a tremendous passion for helping singles find the right mate. This is the driving force that has allowed her to continue making Bumble the best app that it can be.

Very few people saw this type of innovation coming in the app world. Whitney Wolfe may not have even seen it herself. It was only when certain events led up to her move back to Texas that she decided to try something that was completely out of the ordinary.