Let me start off with saying that I’ve always been absolutely in love with anything Kate Hudson has done as an actress. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is still my spirit animal of a movie.


Her most recent venture, Fabletics has really resonated with me on a number of levels. First, it has absolutely skyrocketed to the top of the industry in just a few short years – bringing in $250 million after just being founded a mere 3 years ago. That kind of innovation for a startup is huge, we’re talking Uber huge. Many celebrities put their name on a product, but this line of active wear truly shows that she is incredibly hands on. Her high energy and spirit are in every fiber of Fabletics gear.


Kate was actually just recently profiled in an article by CNBC in which she shared with readers some of the reasons her brand has seen such massive success. True to her style as an entrepreneur, she recommended always staying hands on with her brand. Even with the huge success of her company, she is still involved in the day-today. She also recommended believing in yourself and taking risks and to ensure you stay inspired. One of my favorite tips was to look for unique marketing opportunities and to utilize big data. These two points seem crucial to the success the company has had.


When Fabletics launched, there was a gaping hole in the marketplace for trendy athletic apparel that was well-built without being overly prices. Few people can justify paying $200 for a pair of black leggings and even fewer would commit to a brand selling leggings for $20 that stretched out or lost their shape after two washes.


Fabletics completely changed that mindset by offering wonderfully fun and stylish athletic apparel on a monthly subscription basis. Their clothes are incredibly well made and not overly costly.


The brand also utilizes a reverse showroom technique. I wasn’t exactly sure what this was, but an article in Forbes outlined it and it was immediately clear that their technique was one of the reasons I am so loyal to Fabletics. Instead of having to drag myself to a store where I receive the same in-store experience of thousands of others, Fabletics has made their digital “showroom” a fun and exciting space for me to feel like I’m truly part of the brand and not just one in a batch of thousands.